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You're impressed with our rather nice 'featured content' widget aren't you (see Home Page).

It took a bit of doing but through trial and error (most notably on the individual widget panel and image sizes) we got there.

Now you want one for your own blog don't you?

Well, we believe in sharing so here's all the code, plus instructions and tips on image sizing to have your very own version, in a handy plain text format - click here to download.

Don't forget to let us know how you get on and link to your own examples.

My thanks and acknowledgements to:
Blogger Buster for suggesting a Featured content widget in the first place. They're working on a post with some example code to incorporate into their widget place-holder code so worth a check back for that. Comments section was also very helpful.

Hack Tutors for his invaluable code which I used:

Blog Spot Vision who provided a similar source code to Hack Tutors, although their download images didn't work so I made my own anyway. They also provide some code that provides a pause of the slideshow when moused-over but people seemed to have struggled to get this working and I didn't bother in the end.

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