Monday, 28 September 2009

Ambitious trial to make Maldives carbon neutral by 2020

An Entrepreneur who co-founded the Green & Black's organic chocolate firm and later sold it to Cadbury has founded a biochar business and recently announced its first deal with the government of the Maldives...

"Carbon Gold, Sams’s new company, is to develop biochar projects on three islands in the Maldives, taking waste from agriculture and fishing and turning it into charcoal by roasting it in a low-oxygen atmosphere. The process turns waste into raw carbon, which can then be used to fertilise the soil.

If the trials work out, similar projects could be started on many more of the 200 or so inhabited islands in the archipelago, all part of the Maldives government’s plan to make the islands carbon-neutral by 2020."

You can read the full article from The Times Online - here.

photo credit: nattu

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