Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Feed in Tariffs - Wind could be a better bet than Solar

From the pages of The Guardian website in July 2009, came a report on the Governments announcement of illustrative figures for Feed-in-Tariffs.

"After months of deliberation, the UK government has announced a range of illustrative figures for feed-in tariffs (FITs), which it's calling a Clean Energy Cashback scheme. FITs are fixed payments made to the owners of small generating stations for the electricity that they export to the grid. Micro-generators need high payments to justify their expensive investment in buying and installing green generation."

The Guardian's report makes an interesting case for Wind power being a better return on investment than Solar Panels, depending on where you live etc, and assuming the proposed figures become a reality of course.

Read the full Guardian report by clicking here.

photo credit: jamesjhs

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