Thursday, 29 October 2009

Environmental milestones of the noughties

Every now and then, it's good to remind ourselves of exactly why we're so interested in alternative energies like solar energy, wind, tide and other green energy solutions, and having them installed into our homes and businesses.

It may well be about saving on our energy bills on a daily basis, but you can't ignore the fact that overwhelming evidence is forcing governments around the world to face up to the fact that as a world-wide society, we simply cannot go on producing the levels of pollution we do currently.

The Guardian's excellent pictorial feature (12 pictures) is a very sobering reminder.

Click here to see The Guardian's collection of photo's that they call 'environmental milestones of the noughties'.

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photo credit: me'nthedogs

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  1. Hi SolarPanelQtr

    Really great collection of images by the Guardian newspaper. I've been enjoying your posts and re-tweeted several of them and thought it was about time I stopped by and said hello officially.

    Regards and keep bringing us these snippets of news and information, though goodness knows where you're digging them up.

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