Monday, 26 October 2009

Wind Power breaks 4GW barrier in UK

The UK passed a major milestone last week with the commissioning of three wind farms, taking the UK to 4 Gigawatts of installed capacity.

The latest 1GW of capacity being added in less that a year - compare this with the first 1GW taking 14 years to deliver in 2005, 20 months for the second GW and a year and a half for the third.

UK wind power now powers the equivalent of Scotland's household needs, or 2.3 million homes.

And the good news is that the industry expects to see GW's 5 and 6 installed by the end of next year.

There are another 9GW worth of schemes in planning waiting for approval which would take our capacity to over 20GW - well on target for the Governments 30GW target, however with onshore approvals by local councils falling to a new low with just 25% of applications being approved, how likely is it that the UK will actually meet that target?

Read the full article online at SOAWorld Magazine - click here.

photo credit: phil parker

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