Friday, 27 November 2009

Amidst Terry Wogan and the Traffic Bulletins, the Conservatives turn green

Not my radio whilst I was driving, I hasten to add!

Driving into the office the other morning (OK I know it was just me in the car and yes I do sometimes 'car share' with a nearby colleague), i was listening to Sir Terry Wogan and his traffic 'wench' garbling on about bacon butties and heating meat pies up under the angle poise lamp - all fairly routine stuff if you've ever listened to Radio 2 around 7.30am (GMT).

Amidst all the frivolity on the airwaves, was a news bulletin that the Conservative party were proposing cutting their own government emissions by 10% in 2010 if they were elected. Why wait to be elected?

At worst a vote grabbing headline or at best a serious attempt to save a reported £300 million within a year.

The Conservatives are also planning a green investment bank to support low-carbon technologies and start up businesses as well as green ISAs - tax free saving schemes where the funds would only be invested in environmental technology and 'green' companies.

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has said whilst the Conservatives would continue the current Government's plans to introduce a smart meter into every home, they would also introduce measures to pay homeowners an incentive to recycle more household waste.

photo credit: kalleboo

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