Monday, 2 November 2009

Bike shed roof provides solar power for Scottish School

Green Building Press reports on a new Highlands Primary School which will be Scotland's first wholly sustainable school.

Features include a structure made from 'Brettstapel - a form of glue-free massive timber construction - one tonne of which when used instead of concrete saves as much CO2 as taking a car off the road for nearly 5 months.

The building is so well insulated and draught-proof that the heat from the pupils, staff and computers will be enough to heat the building.

A new £20,000 bike shed is also capable of generating power from the solar panels fitted to it.

The bike shed is just one of 32 solar schemes Highland Council is putting in place, mainly at schools, before next April at a total cost of £450,000.

Read the full article at Green Building Press by clicking here - which details all the amazing energy saving features being built into this fantastic school.

photo credit: sarcozona

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