Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Biomass station approval for Peterborough

New Energy Focus reports that plans to build a biomass fuelled power station near Peterborough have just been approved.

Construction can now start on building the plant which it's hoped will generate 10% of the East of Englands renewable energy target of 17% by 2020.

The plant will generate power from commercial, agricultural and other waste totalling some 650,000 tonnes a year.

In addition to the 80MW of energy it will produce, 234mW of thermal power will also be produced, which it's intended will be used by other businesses on the new 'Energy Park'.

The site will work on a 100% recovery/recycling basis, so none of the waste feedstock ends up in landfill providing a "zero-landfill solution for society's rubbish".

Read more about the new Peterborough facility at New Energy Focus's website by clicking here.

Interesting stuff and perhaps paving the way for similar developments across the rest of the country?

photo credit: neubie

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