Thursday, 26 November 2009

Shortlisted Engineering projects could mean lower costs for offshore wind farm development

Now before you go saying "Oh no, not another story about wind turbines", you have to remember that although this blog is primarily about solar power, we do promise to bring you the latest news on all renewable energy sources.

Perhaps it's those windmills as a kid you used to place on your sandcastles that leads to a love affair with wind turbines?

Anyway I digress - I spotted this on the Carbon Trust website the other week and thought it was not only a very inspiring read, but also worth sharing with you...

"Radical new designs shortlisted in a global competition run by the UK’s Carbon Trust are set to accelerate the installation of thousands of wind turbines around Britain’s coast by slashing the costs of construction and opening up deeper waters for development.

Over 100 engineering companies from around the world submitted their ideas on how to cost effectively build offshore wind turbines in severe weather conditions as far as 100 miles out to sea and in waters up to 60m deep. Each design was rigorously assessed by an expert panel of judges including the Carbon Trust’s partners: Airtricity Developments, DONG Energy, RWE Innogy owner of Npower Renewables, Scottish Power Renewables and Statoil.

The seven new foundation designs unveiled today have the potential to revolutionise the construction of offshore wind farms, reducing costs and overcoming engineering challenges currently facing the industry. They provide a glimpse of the future with radical concepts such as floating turbines anchored to the sea bed and spider-like tripod structures."

You can read the full report which also outlines the 7 winning proposals in more depth on the Carbon Trust website - click here

photo credit: willdoult

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