Monday, 7 December 2009

Climate sceptics may still be missing the point - Solar Energy

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Climate sceptics may still be missing the point.

As one who does believe our world is heating up a bit quicker than it ought to be, thanks to a bit of heavy industry and gallon guzzling transport, I've really struggled to take the more recent climate sceptics seriously. Their claims of our present climate is due to sun activity or it was warmer at the North Pole in the 1930's than it is today etc or the mass over-reliance on questionable computer prediction models, don't really explain the melting ice-caps and unseasonal weather we've 'enjoyed' these last few years do they?

Who do you believe when those responsible for generating the data on which we base our assumptions are 'caught' via a security breach of epic proportions and data and emails are passed around the world for all to read.

Maybe global warming isn't happening? Perhaps we are worrying about nothing when we got to bed at night? The unseasonal weather could be a historical blip the Earth goes through, although last time that happened, there were probably dinosaurs roaming where you'll now find the East End.

The BBC website had an excellent round up of the facts - (click here to read more)

What ever theory you believe really is up to you. Consider the evidence and make an informed decision.

At the very start of this post I said that climate sceptics may by missing the point. I was referring to renewable energies.

Whatever is happening to our climate, one thing you can't dispute is that our present energy reserves are running out, they're getting harder and costlier to generate and they're costing us more and more each time a bill falls through your letterbox.

These non-renewable energy sources also have one thing that distinguishes them from renewable energies. There's no pay-back period - ever.

So whatever your decision on global climate, you can still make a very good decision and invest in renewable energies for your home.

Like Solar Energy - fitting your home with solar panels can really cut your fuel bills by using the free power of the sun to generate warm water for your home's use or electricity to power your home. Who knows? Perhaps, you can put some of that juice you don't use back into the National Grid and cut your fuel bills even more by selecting a 'feed-in tariff' participation.

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