Friday, 18 December 2009

First sight of expected Feed-in Tariff rates?

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Spotted amongst a report on the BBC website headlined "Solar's Dividend for Homeowners" in which figures from the renewable energy installation industry and solar energy research world discussed the increasing visibility of solar panels over the last decade and how with the introduction of the Feed-in Tariff's in April 2010, we can expect to see a lot more micro-generation happening, I saw this figure:

Ian Draisey - MD of Machynlleth-based Dulas Engineering, a firm specialising in installing various forms of renewable energy sources is quoted as saying "If you put solar panels on your roof the government will pay you 36p - or 36.5p is the number out for consultation and what we expect it to be," he said.
"They will pay that level for each kilowatt you generate whether you use it or not. And that is a substantial return given you pay 12-13p in the market at the moment.

The pay-back time on your investment could still be nearer to 10 years.

So we have a figure - not set in stone but an indication of what the renewable energy industry is looking for from the Government.

We'll have to wait till January 2010 (latest timeframe estimate) to see what's actually announced won't we?

photo credit: kevin collins

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