Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Wettest Winter prompts Rain Water Harvesting poser

Barry Nutley over at You Gen's Blog asks the question - If every house had it's own rainwater harvesting system, would we still have floods?

It's an interesting question and one Barry couldn't find an answer to.

However, when you read his case for installing you're own rainwater harvesting system, then you start to wonder if removing much of the surface water from the equation might be one answer.

Rainwater harvesting is where you have your own mini-reservoir, perhaps buried under your garden, which all your guttering etc feeds water to rather than into the main sewers.

Although this water can't be used for drinking, it can be used to flush toilets etc or any other non-potable use.

Barry finishes his piece by asking another question - Surely the cost of installing rainwater harvesting systems in homes would cost less than the endless flood defences and clearing up operations?

Read the full article here.

photo credit: brianforbes37

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