Monday, 25 January 2010

Energy saving - Green lessons for all...

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Spotted in an American online community news service website - a presentation to homeowners put across the message - Turn it off, turn it down, tune it up and buy smart.

The presenter went on to explain to residents how just switching off all those appliances and electronics that normally get left on standby could save you 8% of your annual energy bills - the so called 'Phantom Load'. Unplugging computers and home entertainment systems etc or investing in power strips where by you can turn off a group of appliances with one switch makes an instant difference.

Turning down room and hot water tank thermometers by a couple of degrees is another way to save, whilst buying wisely when choosing new appliances or perhaps replacing old boilers or heating tanks with new efficient ones will save more money in the long run - especially when there are various grants to be had like the recent Boiler Scrappage Scheme in England or the Warm Front Scheme currently running.

Whilst installing solar panels etc may be a greater financial undertaking, with feed-in tariffs about to be introduced later this year in the UK, it's something that homeowners shouldn't rule out altogether.

You can read more of the report as it appeared on Foster's Daily Herald by clicking here.

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