Thursday, 21 January 2010

Feed in Tariff's boost Italy's solar panel market

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As reported at Business, another example of feed-in tariffs boosting take up of solar energy by households can be seen in Italy where photovoltaic capacity has risen 36-fold in the past three years.

Italy is now very close to the one gigawatt mark.

This contrasts heavily with the 22MW Italy was generating in 2007.

Despite expectations the Italian government will reduce feed-in tariff rates this year, confidence is high that the uptake of solar energy will continue.

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photo credit: andy hay

1 comment:

  1. UPDATE----- We've been seeing reports around the web that following an announcement by the German government that they are reducing their feed-in tariffs, there's been a sharp decline in the number of solar panel installations.

    Perhaps people are only interested when the pay back period is sufficiently enticing, of which feed-in tariffs play a large part?

    We'll try and keep you up to date. Watch this space.