Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New mobile phone for Christmas? Recycle your old mobile phone

The Jolly Green Blogger has a great seasonal message about how recycling your old mobile phone can help the environment.

The UK has a love affair with mobile devices like no other and despite TV advert campaigns offering us cash for our old phones, it seems many still lurk in drawers, never to see daylight again.

So if you've had a new mobile device for Christmas, then think again about recycling.

As Jollly Green Blogger points out: "Recycling also means that materials that have already been taken from the environment via mining and so forth are reused, thereby cutting down on the drain on the earth’s resources, which are not, contrary to what some people seem to think judging by their throw-away attitude, infinite. Recycling hi-tech waste like old mobile phones also saves energy since raw materials don’t have to be refined, and refining is extremely energy intensive. It also means that the cost of electronics will decrease without the use of raw materials and their expensive extraction methods, plus recycling creates jobs."

He also has some suggestions for online recycling sites where you get paid for your old mobile. Well worth checking his full post out by clicking here.

photo credit: angelashupe

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