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Review of 2009 - our favourite renewable energy posts…

Review of 2009 - our favourite posts…

2010 - A New Year - time to look forward with eager anticipation of all the things to come. But as someone once said, only by knowing where we've been, can we know where we're going. So we thought we'd take a moment out to look back over the first 5 months of Solar Panel Quotes Blog posts and pick out our monthly favourites.

August 2009 - Government subsidies could save 14m tonnes of carbon emissions a year:
"A micro-scale solar energy revolution would depend on the government stimulating the market with rebate schemes with an attractive financial incentive. And I don't mean for a year or two. For widespread uptake of solar panels to occur in the UK, sustained policy support will be required."

September 2009 - Energy Doctors to be pioneered in London:
The Gov Monitor reported that Energy 'Doctors' and loans for solar panels were among the green projects which would be pioneered in 10 'low carbon zones' in the capital as announced by the Mayor of London.

October 2009 - Clear requirements for real-time energy displays or smart meters:
With news that the Government intends to put a smart meter in every home by 2020, we found this report by the Centre for Sustainable Energy which looked into what homeowners really wanted from a smart meter.

November 2009 - Where there's muck, there's Solar Panels:
When it comes to solar panel installation, you need two things. The Sun and somewhere to mount the solar panels. We reported how in New Jersey (USA), they've hit upon a novel location - the 'wasted' space above sewage processing tanks. It just goes to show that we've got to be a bit creative about where we can site solar panels if we're to make the most of this and other forms of renewable energy.

December 2009 - Farmer diversifies to add value to his farm with renewable energy source:
A Welsh farmer installs a £20,000 hydro generator in his old farm buildings and 18 months later is proud of the energy savings he's making in running his 300 acre farm. Now all he has to do is pray for rain. Beautifully illustrates the quick pay back period when you factor government grants and other local aid into the installation costs not to mention the annual savings you can make by adopting renewable energy into your life.

photo credit: sashafatcat

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