Thursday, 14 January 2010

Small Businesses could be wasting £3bn of energy a year

Npower has launched a New Year energy initiative aimed at small businesses, which it claims could be wasting £3bn a year in energy costs.

They're offering a free real-time energy meter to small and medium sized businesses that sign up for their E3 business tariff.

Aimed at helping businesses cut their energy costs without having to pay out large sums of money; businesses where these meters are fitted will be able to see their exact energy usage in real time and more importantly, see what it's costing them.

As Allan Robinson - Head of Products for Npower said "You can't see your energy use drop instantly and bills won't always register a change immediately so there is often little incentive to keep on saving energy, particularly when you're busy."

He likened the meters to miles-per-gallon data which helps drivers drive more efficiently and said that "Businesses using the monitors say they're surprised by what actually uses energy in the workplace and they have really changed their behaviour to become more energy efficient,".

"Simple energy-efficiency measures could cut businesses' bills by up to 20 per cent."

The Government also pledged at the last budget, to install smart meters in all UK homes by 2020 as part of their Carbon Emission reduction targets.

photo credit: wili hybrid

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