Wednesday, 24 February 2010

How green is your garden? Solar powered lawn mower concept

Looking more like a concept car than a lawn mower, Red Dot design award went to Studio Volpi for their electric lawnmower.

Billed as being ideal for the smaller garden, the lean green machine features a solar panel which charges a removable polymer-ion battery.

As lawn mowers go, it looks pretty cool and given the amount of times the grass should be cut in the summer, well times that by the number of gardens and that's some serious power / energy savings to be made.

Click here to visit the Red Dot design page.


  1. Nice blog. Glad to know about solar powered garden mowers. Just curious to know where I can buy it and what cost.

  2. Hi Flowers.

    I think our garden may be a bit big for the battery on this concept lawnmower but a neat idea and hopefully - soon a reality.

    I don't suppose we can use Sheep anymore - what with all the 'methane' scares....

    Thanks for stopping by.