Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Want not waste could be driving kitchen designs

I read somewhere recently that as a society, we throw a lot of spoilt food away before we get to eat it. That's your hard-earned cash being tipped, scrapped or dropped straight into the bin.

The figures as a nation are astronomical.

More recently, attitudes have started to change - mush of it I suspect with the rationing on wheelie bin collections - but whatever the reason, it's to be welcomed.

These new found attitudes are also finding there way into kitchen design as its recognised that lots of cupboard space equals lots of dark cubbyholes in which to loose food at the back of.

Lots of cupboard space also means a hiding place for endless kitchen devices, glass and crockery that probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but has never ventured out of the box even.

So less is very much more as kitchen designers turn their attention to quality appliances that you will use on an everyday basis - hobs, ovens with built in microwave cookers, multi-place dishwashers with a rated energy efficient cool wash settings and extractor hoods and fans that make open plan kitchens a pleasure to mingle in rather than somewhere best kept behind closed doors.

If you're planning a kitchen makeover, then it's a very good time to think about the flooring. If you're tiling the floor, why not look into an underfloor heating system - perhaps one that can one day be run from a ground source heat pump or a solar installation? There will never be a better time than when you've got the whole floor uncovered.

Many will cite the food wastage is all to be blamed on the fridge, and whilst if you've got a large family (like me) when nothing short of a wardrobe sized appliance will do, most fitted kitchens are offering more modest chilled storage built into cupboard units.

People are changing their habits and the kitchen fitting industry has responded. If you're thinking of having a new fitted kitchen, why not start by getting an online quote for your plans? You can use our sister website KitchenQuoter - free, online quotes for your dream kitchen in minutes.

photo credit: pacdog

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