Friday, 5 March 2010

Met Office will re-examine 150 years of data...

The Mail Online reports how in the wake of the email scandal which caused a severe blow to the credibility of climate change data, The Met Office will be re-examining 150 years of temperature data.

Although the Met Office says the "review is timely", it does "not expect to come to a different conclusion about the progress of climate change"

The reassessment will take 3 years to complete. being carried out by a group of international experts.

Read the full article on the Mail Online by clicking here.

There's some strong comments posted by Mail readers at the foot of the column which are also worth a read through.

photo credit: guy mccullough


  1. It's terrific that the Met Office will review 150 years of temp data. They will say the same thing they said the last time they reviewed that 150 years of temp data. Too bad no one will believe them. They have no credibility anymore. I wish them luck.

  2. It's true the scientific community including those that collate the weather data has suffered a severe blow to their credibility - with high percentages of people, both here in the UK and abroad reported as doubting global warming is actually happening at all.

    It's up to individuals to back their cause I guess. One thing everyone seems agreed on is pollution is bad and traditional fuels won't last forever.

    We've written here before that even if you don't believe in global warming, then renewable energy does at least offer some payback and is therefore worth exploring.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.

  3. This is great, now they Met department will scan the data of 150 years. Then possibly they will be unavailable for some time as they would be busy in scanning old data, rather then there silly forecast.