Tuesday, 13 April 2010

When the clocks went forward

It's the same every time the clocks go forward for British Summertime here in the UK.

The same arguments over whether we should keep to one time or another get repeated and yet, nothing ever changes - I suspect because it makes even less sense when you get that glorious extra hour in bed in October. Bliss!

However, although I didn't hear any arguments - for, against or otherwise, a question did cross my mind. Is there any benefit to how we use renewable energy in the 'extra hour' daylight settings?

Let me expand on that a bit - What I mean is the hours in which we use energy - hot water for showering, electricity for light etc - does our natural use pattern favour energy generated in the sunnier hours?

Just curious to know - aren't you?

photo credit: judepics


  1. Well the clock looks great. It displays a great work of science and art. I was astonished to see it.

  2. Hi Sudarma -one of the great joys of writing this renewable energy blog is the opportunity to scout for really great photo's to accompany the stories.

    Thanks for stopping by - Jonathan.