Monday, 31 May 2010

Concern about climate change declines

climate change apathy
Taken from The Guardian - "Only 62% of Britons interested in subject (climate change), down from 80% in 2006" - their article goes onto quote the results of a recent YouGov survey in which people were quizzed on topics like climate change and nuclear power.

The article goes onto offer suggestions for the change in public opinion, despite the general election and the nuclear promises of the Liberal Democrats.

On climate change, the article levels some of the blame at last years Copenhagen summit as well as the harsh winter.

If you've always been a bit of a climate change sceptic, then this article will do nothing to alter your mind. If however, you're a believer in climate change being caused by man, then you'll realise just how far you've got to go before you convince others.

Click here to read The Guardian's article now.

Special thanks to Ian Bell on Twitter for originally posting a link to The Guardian's article.

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