Friday, 7 May 2010

How much information on solar energy can you handle?

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Since last week when we updated the whole Solar Panel Quoter blog - we've been tinkering in the background ( "you know engineers - they love to change things" ) refining the look and functionality of your favourite one stop resource for all things renewable energy related.

Now we're about to take another major step......

We're a bit fanatical about page loading times round these parts. We're also very aware that our readers arrive from such diverse places as Twitter and RSS feeds as well as more general searches on Google and other search engines.

Very often, these links take readers to a particular post rather than the 'home page' which now has its own button (see navigation bar at the top of this page) so here's our big idea:

We're going to limit the 'home page' to showing just the one latest blog article. Readers can view previous stories via the listings at the bottom of the main pages or via the search archive facility. We feel this treats readers like adults by defining what's immediately viewable to either the post they followed the link for or if they arrive at our home page, then they'll see the latest renewable energy related news / information story.

We'll trial it from today for all next week - we'd love your feedback and we'll use it to actively make this blog an even better experience for you the reader.

Many thanks.

The Solar Panel Quoter Blog Team.

photo credit: joi

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