Monday, 28 June 2010

After the Party

At the time of writing this, Glastonbury looms on the weekend horizon - lets hope the rain stays away this year - to do battle with the World Cup (particularly England's game on Sunday) and of course Wimbledon reaches the half way stage.

But what happens after the 'party'? Once everyone's gone home, back to their usual everyday lives, what grabs our attention - what fills our days?

I think it's a bit like that with Solar Energy and the recent feed-in tariffs announced.

There was a lot of build up and I mean a lot of comment and anticipation, there was the launch date and then.... well not much it seems. At least not in my neighbourhood.

The web seems not only full of stories of solar installation companies being busy, but also of reports of homeowners being given false information by unscrupulous installers and shoddy installations.

But I don't see a lot of evidence of massive installations on my travels around Derbyshire. In fact I don't think I've seen one more house with solar panels on it than before April.

So what's stopping people or are they really not aware of what a good installation can offer them?

The Government announced last week that it's planning to scrap a load of 'under-performing' websites after reviewing current web activity and realising they'd spent over £94 million on 46 websites with an additional cost of £32 million in staffing costs for 2009-2010 alone.

One website they could do with keeping, or at least improving is one on advising homeowners on green energy and spelling out exactly how much a solar system could cost, and how long it will take a homeowner to recoup their investment after feed-in tariffs and installation grants have been taken into account.

This, to me anyway, seems to be the biggest hurdle to mass take up by homeowners of solar energy. We all know it's good, we just don't know how much it's going to cost us.

One cost you can get for yourself is a quote on an installation - photovoltaic or hot water solar system - from Solar Panel A free online resource that afterwards, if you choose to, can put you in touch with reputable local solar panel installers near you.

photo credit: infrogmation

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