Friday, 11 June 2010

Gulf oil disaster sets peoples minds to renewable energy

The Gulf oil spill may be helping turn public opinion in favour of renewable energies, claims a report on

University studies of Algae bio-fuels may hold one important source for an alternative energy as ABC15 reports:

Benjamin Grumbles, the Director for Arizona’s Department of Environmental Quality is hoping Arizona will seize on that demand and become the powerhouse for a new era in renewable energy.

“We see Arizona as the potential Saudi Arabia when it comes to algae, algae bio-fuels. Algae can be grown in the desert, in fact the amount of land we have and the intensive sun we have can prompt the development of algae and in algae you have carbon, you have fuels, and those can be used for transportation fuels for jet fuels for military purposes for cosmetics,"

As with all disasters, there is something positive to come out of it. Let's hope the public opinion continues to be favourable, once the clean up operations have passed and the land and wildlife recover.

photo credit: higetiger

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