Monday, 21 June 2010

washing your car the eco-friendly way

I don't know about your street, but down mine - the minute the sun comes out so do the buckets and hosepipes and the neighbourhood works itself into a car cleaning foaming frenzy.

Now we know that hose pipes use loads more water and with the experts predicting a water shortage this Summer (apparently reservoirs are at 70% when they'd be expected to be at 90% capacity), a hose pipe ban is surely only just around the corner. (In fact I don't remember the last one ever being lifted).

But according to an article in The Independent, there are other eco considerations when we're washing our cars, and once you've read them, you might find yourself agreeing with the experts that it's actually more environmentally friendly to use the local car wash.

Here's a a quick recap of what they had to say:

The US International Carwash Association reckons that car washes use less than half the water of the most careful home car wash. 45 gallons per car compared to between 80 and 140 gallons at home.

Their tips include washing your car on the lawn so the water isn't 'wasted'. If you use a hosepipe, use one with an off valve and only use it for rinsing.

The American report also warned of the detergents and other nasties like brake dust washing down the storm drains at home where it could easily be fed into the surrounding rivers and streams. A proper car wash they say will have drainage linked to the water treatment system therefore causing less pollution.

Read the full Independent's article by clicking here.

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