Monday, 12 July 2010

Energy Suppliers were lagging behind...

You may have missed last weeks announcement on the Department of Energy & Climate Change website that an increase in the amount of energy saving home insulation installed was "kick-started" by Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne.

Energy suppliers will no longer be able to post out free energy saving lightbulbs in response to their obligations to help consumers save energy.

Instead, they'll be expected to install loft, cavity and solid wall insulation - in fact 80% of their work will be focused on these measures compared to just 60% previously.

In addition, 15% of homes helped will be those on lowest incomes or at risk of fuel poverty.

The changes mean 3.5 million more homes will benefit from some form or extra insulation, building upon the 2.5 million homes already improved since April 2008.

Read the full announcement by clicking here

photo credit: vato bob

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