Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Welsh Businesses see the potential of renewables

Whilst lots is written about renewable energy for homeowners, it's worth remembering that businesses can also benefit from using and/or generating renewable energy.

For example, commercial and industrial buildings might be able to house many more solar panels or have enough grounds to consider their own small wind turbine.

So I read with interest this report last week on the WalesOnline website, which reported on how Welsh businesses viewed renewable energy and how positive an effect they believed it would have on the local economy.

I won't repeat it here - you can read the full article yourself (click here) - but there are one or two points that did catch my eye.

87% of businesses believed developing renewable power generation would improve the Welsh economy whilst at the same time creating new jobs.

29% of businesses believed the renewable targets were not ambitious enough.

Nuclear power was endorsed by 87% - A separate study in June showed 39% trusted nuclear power as an energy source.

The article goes on to compare statistics on where businesses saw the responsibility for expanding renewable energy use, with businesses arguing that so much targets and promotion being set by Government meant that many looked to the public, rather than the private sector, for responsibility in the actual adoption of renewable energy.

And they have a point.

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photo credit: steve snodgrass

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