Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Big freeze doubled British Gas profits...

Channel 4 news reports how the big freeze of last winter (hard to imagine it was that cold in the middle of Summer) saw British Gas double its profits - up to £585 million for the first half of 2010.

This was slightly dampened by the number of broken boiler call outs - repairing up to 35,000 boilers a day during the coldest days.

The 'good news' (well good for some anyway) was announced amidst warnings by the Government that the average household fuel bill could rise by £300 - the increase in electricity and gas prices coming about as a result of the coalitions green policies.

British Gas were 'tight-lipped' about any savings being passed back to consumers, refusing to be drawn on whether we could expect prices to rise further this year.

Read the full article which includes more on the Governments energy plans and a response from Centrica's (British Gas parent company) Chief Executive.

photo credit: tuey

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