Friday, 17 September 2010

French renewables incentive schemes also facing cuts

The Connexion (an english language newspaper for France) reported last week on fears that expected French Government cuts to renewables incentives will increase the cost of installing renewable energy like solar panels and even wood burning stoves.

There are also fears for businesses in the renewable energy sector in France.

Many of these schemes are based on tax rebates - currently there are over 400 such schemes with the Tax credits for eco-friendly products being one of the most well known and popular.

Back in June, France's Prime Minister said one option being considered to reduce the national debt, was the reduction of the tax rebates by 10%, however, more recent noises suggest this figure could be higher.

If you've got property in France and you've been thinking of installing some form of renewable energy, then it's pretty obvious that time is running out if you want to enjoy the maximum rebates and savings.

There's some excellent advice and links to more help resources if you're directly affected.

It's interesting to note that yet another major european country is also struggling to continue funding, at present levels, renewable incentives, and it remains to be seen what impact this will have on the uptake of renewables as well as the effect on installation prices and the costs of such technologies like solar panels.

Read the full Connexion report by clicking here.

photo credit: joe shlabotnik

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