Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Renewable obligation transfer to feed-in tariffs - deadline is 1st October!

It would be very remiss of us if we didn't re-iterate the warning of YouGen:

7 Days left to register for feed-in tariffs (from renewable obligation).

Here's what YouGen had to say:

"Around 1,500 early adopters of microgeneration haven't yet transferred from the renewable obligation (RO) scheme to feed-in tariffs. All microgenerators with a solar PV, wind or micro-hydro system of less than 50 kW) that was registered under the renewable obligation MUST fill out a form and return it to Ofgem by the deadline of 1 October 2010."

So get your skates on - the deadline is written in legislation!

For more information on who to contact - see Cathy's post at YouGen - click here.

photo credit: gordon tarpley

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