Thursday, 2 September 2010

Which? consumer report on energy saving misconceptions...

Rapid Online reports that the consumer watchdog Which? has warned UK homeowners about popular energy saving misconceptions.

The warnings come after a similar survey in the States revealed many homeowners lack of understanding on how to save "significant amounts of energy".

actual savings are low

For example, whilst we all know about switching off lights when not in use, the actual savings are low by comparison with selecting energy efficient appliances.

When annual running costs for a fridge freezer can vary between £13 and £92 a year alone, it's easy to see how you can make bigger savings on energy bills. Read more here.

Energy Consumption

This is especially important if you're considering a solar panel installation on your home, since the size (and therefore the cost) of the system you install will depend greatly on your energy consumption.

Many solar enthusiasts and installation companies recommend reviewing your average energy usage and doing all you can to reduce that figure as part of a responsible and cost effective solar panel installation.

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