Monday, 14 February 2011

Homeowners love solar panels

What's not to love about solar panels?

- Your initial solar panel installation investment will eventually get paid back.

- Some system pay back figures seem to compare very favourably with a straight-forward savings account return on your money.

- You'll enjoy cheaper energy bills.

- You'll earn money on the amount of energy you generate via a feed-in tariff.

- Installations are usually straightforward and afterwards un-obtrusive.

- You can feel good about doing your bit for the environment by lowering your own families CO2 emissions.

- You may even inspire your neighbours to get a quote for their own solar panels.

- You can choose between photovoltaic solar panels which generate electricity and are currently within the Government's feed-in tariff system or hot water solar panels which generate hot water for your family to use. Whilst not covered by the feed-in tariffs, they should be included in the forth coming Government Renewable Heat Incentives (a scheme similar to the feed-in tariffs).

Go on - spread the love this Valentine's Day (but don't forget the choccies!)

photo credit: chocolate trading co

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