Friday, 2 December 2011

Did the Solar Tariff cuts raise the solar profile?

"get your foot on the solar tariff ladder"

The number of newly MCS accredited companies continues to grow and our own Solar Panel Quoter - Instant on line solar panel quotes - website has never been busier.

Recalling an earlier figure that months after the launch of the solar feed-in tariffs, 65% of homeowners were still completely unaware the tariffs existed, you do wonder whether the recent high media profile given to the December 12th tariff reductions, has actually done the industry a favour (and furthered 'green' awareness).

Or are homeowners, having seen one tariff reduction, keen to get a foot on the solar tariff ladder before April 2012's full review?

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photo credit: ruthanne reid

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  1. Any public awareness of creating ones own power at home, has to be a positive outcome from the entire "Consultation" debacle. Subsidies merely act as a catalyst for the industry to build it's foundations. Consumer confidence can be severly dented by party politics and discrepancies in DECC's statistics. The biggest kick to us all will come from the proposed EPC criteria, which brings the entire Market share to around 8%......that will be far more damaging than any reduction in FIT.
    The real certainty in all of this, is that the cost of electricity WILL rise and there comes the parity in later years.