Tuesday, 22 September 2009

4% of used mobile phones may end up in the bin

You can't turn on a telly these days without seeing adverts for 'gold for cash' or 'cash for your old mobile phone' so why is it then that 4% of us simply throw our old mobile phones in the rubbish bin?

When you subscribe to a few 'industry newsletters', you get some very odd and very interesting snippets of news.

This is a taste of one that landed in my inbox today...

"According to a survey by The Recycling Factory the answer is, very little. The survey reveals that more than half of us (52%) hoard our unused phones at home in case our current handset is stolen, lost or broken. In fact, 68% of us admit to having more than one mobile phone needlessly collecting dust at home. Only 22% of respondents actively recycle their phones, with 21% opting instead to hand down old mobiles to friends and family."

have you got an old phone lying around? Do you upgrade every two years or less (given the average life of a mobile phone may be around 7 years? Read the full article by clicking here.

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photo credit: ndrwfgg

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