Thursday, 24 September 2009

Apple iPhone solar powered chargers....any good?

Back in February this year, O2 claimed they'd sold a million iPhones. Since then we've had the release of the new iPhone 3GS (the S standing for Speed).

When you add the number of iTouch's etc that have also been sold, that's a lot of power consumption.

I was curious about exploring a solar powered iPhone charger - after all, it's not always possible to be in range of a power socket is it?

However, after a quick Google search, the first few I found were worrying in that reviews complained of the chargers they'd chosen giving off sparks, failing to charge etc or concerned that leaving the phone in the sun would cause it to overheat - all very worrying when you're using it with a bit of expensive gadgetry.

So best advice seems to be if you know someone who's actually got one, then find out what they make of it. Oh and read plenty of user reviews. Bare in mind that more unhappy people will review then satisfied so there will always be a slight weight of opinion.

Here's one review I did find that sounded quite promising: read more here

photo credit: cogdog

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