Thursday, 25 March 2010

Green Scientists under attack and they're not taking it anymore

Courtesy of link I picked up on that led to Science Blogs, comes this story of Climatologists 'mad as hell' and about to start standing up for themselves in the wake of Climategate and other recent climate sceptic activity.

With the 'release' of more private emails, the scientific community has decided that "there comes a point when the public DOES want to see the science community stand up for themselves".

Strong words indeed - and with one speaker pondering that open-minded people are no doubt wondering why there's been no coordinated public reply to the sceptics, it does make you wonder that there hasn't been a bigger shift to the sceptics side.

This is obviously one argument that's going to rumble on, both publicly and privately. Read the full article here.

It might not replace the bar room banter on The Coles breakup or the latest Jordan and Peter Andre 'exclusive' but people are starting to discuss green issues more openly.

Let the debate begin - only lets keep it civilised.

photo credit: anyjazz
Note: The illustration photo has an interesting history all its own - read more by clicking the photo credit link.

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