Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Staffordshire housing associations ground source pumps not a green option

Green Building Press ran a post last month regarding a Staffordshire housing association decision to change the heating system on a development of bungalows to ground source heat pumps.

The article is interesting on two counts.

The first - the article makes an argument for the case that ground source heat pump technology is just another form of electric heating - in this case, the energy will be used to provide underfloor heating to the bungalows - 5,600 of them in total.

The ground source heat pumps have been chosen over condensing gas boilers. One site which is unsuitable for ground source pumps is being considered for air source heat pumps.

However, the article casts doubts on the energy saving figures quoted, given the amount the project will cost.

The second interesting point to come out of the article is two comments left which both speak in favour of ground source heat pump technology with some interesting case testimonials on energy savings from the people that installed them.

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photo credit: leonid mamchenkov

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