Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Renewable Heat Incentives - How much will it pay you?

Ever since the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentives) were announced earlier this year with a planned introduction date of April 2011 - the feed-in tariffs for renewable electrical generation coming in just a few days now - I've been meaning to put together a handy 'what it means for you' guide.

But why waste energy when Cathy Debenham at YouGen has already posted such a fantastic piece that covers pretty much everything I was going to and then some besides.

Here's a clip of what's in store for you...

"Heat is the biggest use of energy in the UK. Just under half of the UK's CO2 emissions and 60% of domestic energy bills are used on heating space and water. Heat in the UK is currently supplied predominantly by fossil fuels - less than 1% comes from renewable sources. The proposed renewable heat incentive (RHI - also known as clean energy cashback) aims to change that. Its ambitious goal is that 12% of heat is generated renewably by 2020. The Government is currently consulting on the proposals, which (if it survives the election), will be the first such scheme in Europe. It should give a stable framework for the industry to expand and develop.The aim is to introduce the scheme from April 2011."

So rather than waffle on about RHI's - I'm going to send you over to Cathy's excellent post on the YouGen Blog - Click here.

Thank you Cathy - you've saved me a world of economy and trouble. Love the post to.

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