Monday, 29 March 2010

why do we use certain pictures to illustrate our blog posts?

Someone stopped me the other day and asked why I used the pictures that I use to illustrate individual blog posts here at Solar Panel Quoter - The Blog.

They didn't always see an immediate connection between the headline, the picture and the story.

Well wonder no more....

Originally, I was just trying to be different - pledging to myself that every post would be accompanied with a photo illustration and that the 'theme' of the picture might lead to some interesting photography, which I'm keen on anyway.

All I can promise is that the picture does fit the story - either directly as in the recent container ship story or in the case of last Wednesdays post - the picture depicts an argument - the post itself relates to an 'argument' breaking out in the comments of the original post to which our story referred.

So there's a little clue. Who knows, as well as informing you on the latest renewable energy happenings, we'll also provide a little light relief by way of asking you to figure out the connection between the story and the photograph?

Have you figured out todays illustration yet? Here's a clue - 'photography'.

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photo credit: jdanvers


  1. It's a good idea: Using a photo without an obvious connection. Any time a photo makes one think, it has done an admirable job.

  2. Thanks anyjazz

    I like to think it gives visitors a little added value - entertainment wise.

    I've also come across some really good photo's as well. Thank you for your own contributions including one being used next week but I can't spoil teh surprise just yet.