Monday, 26 April 2010

Domestic Solar Panels - Renewable energy for the home

Generating energy - both electrical and hot water from domestic solar panels has suddenly become a lot more interesting with the recent start of Feed-in Tariffs for renewable electrical power generation.

Hot water and heat generation will have to wait until next April (2011) for the renewable heat incentives to begin.

The introduction of feed-in tariffs means that domestic installations could re-coup their investment faster - the pay back period as it is referred to, is shorter making the investment in domestic solar panels a lot more attractive for the homeowner.

There are also grants and schemes available that may part-cover installation costs so it's always worth checking with your local authority and your local solar panel companies about what's available and what the claim process is.

You can read more on the feed-in tariffs in a previous post by clicking here.

photo credit: jessica higgins

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