Friday, 23 April 2010

Solar Roof Panels - will I need planning permission?

Will I need planning permission to place Solar Panels on my roof? is a fair question.

Whilst Solar Panel Quoter is not an authority on individual local planning authorities - we would always suggest checking with your local council planning office and/or your solar panel installation company before starting any work - we have been able to gather a few comments on the subject.

Most online information suggests that fitting solar roof panels won't require planning permission providing that the panels are not installed above the roof's ridge line and don't project more than 20cm from roof or wall surfaces.

If you live in a restricted conservation area or your property is a listed property - you'll probably have to still apply for permission first. Specifically with conservation areas, restrictions seem to apply to solar panel installations being visible from the highways.

Of course, renewable energy is encouraged so even if you've been refused planning permission in the past for other projects, don't assume your application for mounting solar panels on your roof will also be rejected.

Here's what Surrey Heath Borough Council have to say about planning permission for solar panels on dwelling houses - click here. Again best advice is to check with your own local authority before any installation.

photo credit: state records NSW

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