Thursday, 1 April 2010

Petrol or Diesel? What should your next car run on?

Whilst sitting in the usual morning traffic snarl up (and I leave so early to try and avoid it), it occurred that when you're figuring out what car to buy next, do you really take into account the daily running costs on a per mile basis?

There are charges whether you do any driving or not - Road Tax, Insurance, Depreciation and some form of breakdown cover.

Then there's the running costs - fuel, servicing, consumables like tyres, brakes and exhausts - even the windscreen washer fluid.

The AA website has a very handy calculator based on 2009 prices with a stated fuel cost so you can adjust the figure for current fuel prices.

So based on a car costing £12,000 and an annual mileage of 15,000, the real cost per mile in their example was around £0.40p with only penny difference (if that) between petrol and diesel.

Here's a link to the AA's website running costs page.

It will be interesting to see a comparison figure for a hybrid car - something like the Toyota Prius - on a cost per mile basis.

What do you think? Higher or Lower?

Back to my original question - do you consider all the running costs when shopping for a new car?

photo credit: robmba

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