Friday, 2 April 2010

It's an ill wind that blows

A few days ago, we posted how the 'green' science community was getting pretty hot under the collar following the recent 'climategate' and other renewable energy figures being called into question, and how they weren't going to take it anymore.

So when I spotted this story about Renewable UK considering filing a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission regarding a story the Sunday Times published about 'inefficient' wind farms, I thought this was the start.

It all centres around a report that the Sunday Times published calling into question the actual efficiency of wind farms around the uK, citing that several were not performing as well as they'd said they would.

However, it seems that the paper failed to mention that the figures it based its story on were from a report prepared by a lobby group opposed to onshore wind farms.

I'll let you read the full report on the Business Green website. If you're thinking of tracking down the original article on the Time's website - hurry up before they start charging for content.

photo credit: pescatello

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