Tuesday, 17 August 2010

£5000 electric car subsidy for UK but number of grants is cut

Read with interest in the Telegraph Motoring News, was this headline that UK drivers are to get £5000 in subsidy when buying a new electric car (the deal is 25% off and new generation electric car or ultra low carbon hybrid up to a maximum of £5000).

That's the good news though with charging and range issues, plus the additional costs of such vehicles, I'd like to think motorists will clamour for the subsidy but somehow...

Anyway, the bad news is the new coalition Government (which placed a hold on the scheme first announced by Labour in 2009) has slashed the number of grants that will be available from a planned minimum of 46,000 to just 8,600.

The news will still disappoint car manufacturers - like Nissan who are about to launch the Nissan Leaf, which the Telegraph describes as the 'first major rival to the Toyota Prius'. The Nissan can run for 70 miles on a full charge at a cost of 3p per mile.

Read the full Telegraph Motoring article by clicking here.

photo credit: charles williams

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