Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Farmers inundated with Solar system investors

The Telegraph ran a very interesting editorial last week on British Farmers and the expansion of turning over farmland to solar panels.

Already in Cornwall, over 40 farms have enquired after planning permission for photovoltaic solar projects.

The column does an excellent job of putting over both the views of the Farmers and investors but also carries reservations about the long term potential of what Farmers are seeing as a valuable source of income.

The article cites the recent cancellation of 50 anaerobic digestion plant schemes after farmers realised that the feed-in tariff for such schemes were too low to make the projects viable.

According to the article, experts are also warning that returns on solar projects are being overestimated by investors in trying to persuade farmers to sign up for generation schemes.

You can read the Telegraph's full report by clicking here.

photo credit: vimages

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