Thursday, 19 August 2010

Advice is to 'be wary' of free solar panels offers

Just last week, a solar panel company announced on national radio a scheme to install solar panels for free on 100,000 qualifying homes in the UK.

They're not the first and doubtless will be the last as these companies realise the investment and earnings potential, fuelled by the Governments feed-in tariffs for photovoltaic solar energy production.

However, as Renewable Energy World reminds homeowners, quoting a passage from an article in the Guardian newspaper, homeowners should approach these free solar panel schemes with their "eyes wide open".

For example, homeowners, even after taking a 10 year loan in consideration, could save three times the amount on their energy bills compared to the same period on a typical free solar panels scheme.

Of course, the solar panel companies are bearing all the risk - their money is actually paying for the panels and the installation in return for the subsidies and feed-in tariff amounts on energy produced.

However, with the recent news that Spain had cut its feed-in tariffs, following on from Germany and Italy, then it's not unreasonable to suspect that at some point there may be a forced similar cut in UK tariffs, which could alter the situation and leave the homeowner the winner rather than the solar companies.

Read the full article here which includes a downloadable fact sheet of 24 questions to ask before you agree to a free solar panel installation agreement.

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