Monday, 27 September 2010

Ok I've got my London Cycle - now where do i go?

We're big fans of the London Cycle hire scheme here at Solar Panel Quoter Blog - what better way to see the sights than from the convenience of your own two-wheeled transport?

However, Like Chris Michael in last week's Guardian, we too have wondered where exactly one is supposed to go, once one has hired their bike?

Chris has answered this with a fascinating report into a campaign for a the cycling world's equivalent to the iconic London Underground Map.

They want to see some sort of colour coded signposted routes throughout the capital (many of the signposts already exist), to bring together the cycle hire schemes docking stations, whilst also pointing people in the "right direction" for their destination.

Apparently at present, there are 14 separate free cycling maps which are only available by post.

Campaigners reckon £1.6 million would be enough to bring about the 'unified map' and are now seeking political as well as financial backing.

It's a good read and there are some links within the Guardian's article to map resources including one chap who was a former bike hire tour operator and got so fed up with a lack of map that he decided to produce his own colourful cartography extravaganza.

Click here to read the article in full.

photo credit: judepics

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