Monday, 8 November 2010

Solar powered keyboard truly mightier than the sword...

If, like me, you're fed up with constantly re-charging batteries for your wireless mouse or keyboard, then Logitech have announced something right up your street - the solar powered wireless keyboard.

Logitech claim the keyboard will work in total darkness for up to 3 months without charging from the sun.

But doing away with the batteries is only one of its green credentials - it's also free of FVC and comes in recyclable packaging.

The keyboard comes with a solar power app that includes a Lux meter and can tell you whether the keyboard is getting enough light.

Already released for Windows, there's a Mac version coming next year. The Windows version should be in the UK shops for December.

No information on UK prices at this time - the model number (in the states anyway) is K750.

photo credit: rob enslin

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