Friday, 26 February 2010

Which renewable energy headline caught your eye during February?

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January's round up of Solar Panel Blog posts attracted a lot of interest (according to the stats) so we thought why not repeat the exercise for February's stories which covered everything from solar panel installation and maintenance tips to solar powered lawn mowers.

Click on a headline to view that particular blog post and thank you for your continued readership and appreciation of our efforts to keep you informed of what's happening in the world of renewable energy.

The 'award' for best photo illustration during February goes to this picture of a Polar Bear that accompanied our blog post titled: "Compelling reasons for installing solar energy on your home".

click here to read Compelling reasons for installing solar energy on your home

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) - What's that?

Is it better to leave light switched on or off?

Feed-in Tariffs announced - How much money will you save on solar panel installation?

Holidaymakers 7 times more likely to choose cost over carbon footprint

California here we come - Solar hot water rebates a tipping point

American house sizes shrink as owners get 'green savvy'

Does installing solar panels affect your home insurance?

Cold spell sapped wind power - huff & puff all you like

NASA Mars Rover proves why solar panel orientation is important

Compelling reasons for installing solar energy on your home

Climate Sceptic? Then vote with your wallet

Where has everybody gone? - Feed-in tariff slow to excite homeowners

Want not waste could be driving kitchen designs

Hanging baskets powered by Solar Energy - Quirky!

Solar Panels the talk of the street - neighbours reaction to solar panel installation

Wind energy firms aren't hiring - Wind turbine market suffers lack of demand

Existing UK grant scheme for renewables cut ahead of Tariff introduction

India senior negotiator calls emission targets pathetic

Selling solar panels - the way forward?

How green is your garden? Solar powered lawn mower concept design award

M4 to become renewable fuel super highway?

Control your central heating energy bill - the first step to evaluating your solar panel needs

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photo credit - sunglasses: alan light
photo credit - polar bear: lars k jensen

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